It's been a while but I think we've reached the point where this wiki can be called a legitimate successor to the original Bullets and Beer sites run by Mike and Bob. I've transferred all of the Spenser book pages from the Internet Archive to this wiki, and have started on the Sunny Randall books as well. I've also been filling in the other resource pages as well. 

The site map of the original site is a little scattered so it's a bit challenging to assess exactly how much remains to be done. Every time I visit the archive, I find a link to another page I didn't know about. Unfortunately most of the images didn't survive, which is a pity because Bob did some nice photo tours of Spenserian neighborhoods. His captions were detailed enough, however, to allow 'reconstruction' of some galleries using Google Earth. (And a set of photos taken from INSIDE Spenser's office somehow did manage to survive - thank goodness!)

I'm continuing to transfer and wikify material from the archives, but I hope others will be inspired to add to the wiki as well. It would be great if any of the original B&B contributors found this restoration and pitched in once again. I have no idea how to reach any of you but stranger things have happened!