(Bullets and Beer had exclusive rights to the video of this interview, but the files were hosted on Megaupload, which is now defunct. If a copy turns up, I'll add the link back in. Luckily, the MP3 of the audio is still available on Elizabeth Foxwell's website.)

On 14 June 2006 Elizabeth Foxwell interviewed Robert B. Parker in New York's Bryant Park, an event recorded by Glenn Curry and broadcast on a local cable channel, and they gave me permission to share this with the rest of you. For the record:

  • I sincerely thank the Bryant Park Restoration Corporation for their cooperation. (see for the fine work they are doing.)
  • These video files are free for all who want to view them and can not be sold to anyone under any circumstances at any time.
  • They are also exclusive to this page and cannot be posted or referred to by any other site. The BPFC asked me to promise that, and I'll hunt down anyone who crosses us and make them sorry they ever bought a computer with a modem.
  • Elizabeth Foxwell is a writer, editor, and radio host. She is also the co-author, with Dean James, of The Robert B. Parker Companion: The Complete Guide to his Novels from Spenser to Sunny Randall (see [1])

Glenn Curry has been a frequent contributor to this site for years. Beside being one of the few people to have a page named after them (see The Glenn Curry Collection) his sharp eyes have made him the most frequent winner of the First to Find a Signing Tour award.

Click here to listen to the interview