Parkers study

The place where they all began: Robert B. Parker's study.

This all started with the Spenser novels, of course; specifically The Godwulf Manuscript, published by Dell in paperback, in 1973. Introducing Spenser himself, as well as Good Guys Martin Quirk and Frank Belson and Bad Guy Joe Broz, the novel shows us a somewhat raw, as yet untamed version of the World's Most Thoughtful gumshoe. The books have always been the primary focus of Bullets And Beer, and that won't be changing, though we will pay respectful attention to the TV series, the Lifetime movies, the A&E movies, and the rumored upcoming TV remake, cause that's how we roll.

Robert B. Parker produced other successful books while continuing the Spenser series, including the Sunny Randall and Jesse Stone series. Both are set in the same 'universe' as Spenser, with some characters in common and even a direct crossover or two. The original Bullets and Beer site focused primarily on the Spenser books, but perhaps as this latest incarnation of B&B expands we can develop material for the other series as well. (Click here for a more complete story of Bullets and Beer.)

Parker also produced a variety of shorter material involving Spenser, which varies in length and quality. The original B&B located these and listed them as Spenser's Shorts (annotated list on a separate page).

Screen adaptations were originally listed on this page alongside the books they were adapted from. We don't have separate pages for most movies, so I've moved them to an index of television and movie versions of RBP's literary creations.

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